Monthly Nadeshiko News of July

Hanamachi of July


There is Kippuiri, small ceremony for praying safety of festival, on 1st of July. After that, Gion festival has been started in Kyoto.
Since Geiko and Maiko are invited to many events,It will be very busy month for them besides Ozashiki.

In early July Maiko put kanzashi of round fan. It is so interesting that fan of junior Maiko’s kanzashi are small and seniors are bigger.
Around the period of Yamahoko no Hokotate,Maiko of Yamahoko Junko changed Kanzashi to colorful and gorgeous fan.

Senior Maiko who usually put their hair like ‘Ofuku’are allowed to changed their hair to ‘Katsuyama’which is very special hair style only for the period.
‘Katsuyama’hair is very charming and sexy.

Regarding to their dress, they enjoy special design Kimono and Obi, you can enjoy watching this term special fashion.

This year, there is Yamahoko Junko of Atomatsuri which is the first time in 49years, so it will be remarkable year than usual.


This month of Kyoto


 伏見稲荷 山鉾

1st (Tue)  Gion sai Kippu iri  at Yamahokocho
           Kamishichiken Beer garden   at  Kamishichiken kaburenjo
           Arashiyamaugai  around Arashiyama togetukyou

6th (Sun) Yoshino cyakai( tea ceremony)    at Jyosyoji

7th   (Mon) Mitarashi matsuri/Tanabata matsuri at Kitano tenamangu
            Kibune no Mitsumatsuri  at Kibunejinja
early July  Miyabi kai   at Yasaka jinja

15th(Tue)  Gionmatsuri Yoimiyashinkousaizenyasai around Gion ishidan shita           

16th(Tue) Gionmatsuri Yoimiyashinkousai  around Gion ishidan shita
          Gionmatsuri HIyorikagura     between Yamahokocyo to Shijo otabidokoro

17th (Thu) Gion matsuri Sakimatsuri Yamahokojunko   on the road of Junko
           Gion Maturi Jinko sai

19th (Sat)-20th(Sun)   Yomiya sai Motomiya sai at Fushimiinaritaisha

20th (Sun) Onda sai  at Matruo taisha

24th (THu) Hanagasa junko Atonomatsuri yamahoko junko iki   on the road of Junko
           Kankou sai                     Shijo otabidokoro -Yasakajinja

26th (Sat)-129th(Tue) Mitarashi sai  at Shimogamo jinja

31th(Thu) – 1st (Fri) Sennichi mairi at Atagojinja

Myako’s recommendation


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Hello, this is Myako.

Maiko will be very busy this month! You will might have chance to see Maiko wearing Yukata.

●Kamishichiken Beer garden
It is annual event, I talked about News letter too.You can meet everyday different Geiko and Maiko from Kamichiken.

Place Kamishichiken kaburenjo
Date 1st(Tue) evening-

Geiko and Maiko of Kyomai inoue ryu(inoue style dancing) from Gion kobu are received  pray at Yasaka jinja for ‘not be a sick’ and ‘improve dance skill’.

place: Yasaka jinja
Date : someday in early July ( only for here,I heard it will be hold on 7th but it is very confidence…)

●Gikonmatsuri yoimiyashinkousaizenyasai Beercounter
Only limited time, Geiko and Maiko will be in counter to take care.

Place: Gion ishidan shita
Date : 15th(Tue) evening –
Inquiry :Gion syoutengai hukkou kumiai 075-531-2288

●Gion matsuri Yoimiyashinkousai Hounoumai
Maiko of Gion Koubu are dancing Hounoumai(hounou dancing) on special event stage for one of Yomiyashinkou.

Place :around Gion ishidan shita
Date and time :16th(Wed) evening-

●Hanagasa junko
At Yamahoko junkou day,there is Atomatsuri which is revived from this year, Hanagasa junko is also going to be hold as every year.

Place :the road of Hanagasa junko
Date and time : 24th (Thu) morning-afternoon

Summer is kyoto is really hot but wonderful time to visit…
Please come to join these events….



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