Monthly Nadeshiko News of August

In very hot August Kyoto, shinning like a crystal-Japanese pampas grass which is symbol of Autumn are decorated at Maiko’s Kanzashi(hair ornament).
You might think why Japanese pampas grass are put on in summer.

According to old calendar, August is considered as Autumn  and  cool-looking pampas grass would make you cool down…
These are reason why. Such a wonderful Kanzashi,isn’t it?

If you look it carefully, you will find that some are pinkish and some are bluish. I heard that senior and junior put different color.

There is Summer greeting event called ‘Hassaku’ which is also called ‘New year in Summer’ on 1st of August.
Hassaku is hold in every Five Hanamachi and they greet and say ‘Omedetou san dosu'(congratulations) and ‘Douzo Ai kawari masezu otano moushimasu.'(Thanking you in advance)

Geiko and Maiko wear  summer type kimono which is made from silk fabric till end of August.
They look really stylish and I am so impressed by their select.

There is a big event called ‘Gozan no Okuribi’ and  many more events in August.
However what Geiko and Maiko look forward to is going back to Hometown during Bon holiday (Bon is a In Buddhist event occurring from August to hold a memorial service to the spirits of ancestors.)
They must start making plan their holiday now time…

Kyoto in August

京の七夕 五山の送り火

1st (Fri) Hassaku  at every Hanamachi

1st(Fri)-15th (Fri) Miyagawacho Natsumatsuri( summer festival ) at Miyagawa cho

2nd(Sat) – 11th (Mon)  kyo no tanabata  at  Horikawa Kamogawa

7th (THu)-10th (Sun) Rokudou Mairi  at Rokudo-chinno-ji
                     Gojosakatouki Matsuri(festival) around Kiyomizu saka

10th (Sun) Kamishichiken bon odori at Kamishichiken Kaburenjo

16th (Sat) Gozan no okuribi  every Kyoto
           Arashiyama Tourou Nagashi  around Arashiyama Togetsukyo

23rd(Sat) -24th(Sun)  Adashino Nenbutsuji Sentou Kuyou (memorial service) at Adashino Nenbutsuji

Under holding  Kamishichiken Beer Garden   at Kamishichiken kaburenjo
               Ujigawaukai               around Ujigawa
               Arashiyama ukai              around Arashiyama Togetsukyo
               Kamogawa Nouryo yuka       at Kamogawa seigan

Myako recommendation

挨拶まわり 盆踊り

Hello This is Myako.

You can see Geiko and Maiko at many summer festival and events. You might see their beautiful dancing with light-up at night if you are lucky!

They are visiting to teachers, ocya-ya and restaurants to say thank you.

place  every Hanamachi
date   1st (fri)
time   am-afternoon (depends on hanamachi)

●Miyagawacho Natsu matsuri (summer festival)
It is going to be hold from this year. Supported by Miyagawacho Ocyaya association and Miyagawacho chiiki shinnkoukai(Local promotion society)

place special event space next to Miyagawacho kaburenjo
date  1st (Fri)-15th(fri)
time   6pm/8pm (reservation only)
inquiry Miyagawacho Ocyaya association 075-561-1151T

●Kyo no Tanabata
It is going to be hold at Horikawa kaijo(space) and Kamogawa kaijo at the same time.This Tanabata events entertain in varous ways.
Geiko and Maiko from Pontocho show you their dancing and serve tea at Kamogawa kaijo. At New space Horikawa tanabata chaya, you will enjoy seeing  different Geiko and Maiko everyday.

◆Maiko chaya◆
place Pontocho kaburenjo
Date 2nd (Sat)to11th (Mon)
Inquiry  Kyo no tanabata jikko iinkai office 075-222-0389

◆Horikawa Tanabata Chaya◆
place Kyono tanabata Hirokawa space
Date 2nd (Sat)to11th (Mon)
Inquiry  Kyo no tanabata jikko iinkai office 075-222-0389

●kamishichiken bonodori(summer dancing)●
It is annual event at Kamishichiken area.
There are GEiko and Maiko from not onky Kamishichiken but also every other Hanamachi.

place kamishichiken kaburenjo
date 10th(Sun) evening
Inquiry kamishichiken Shokai HP

There are many many events you can enjoy and some of are new! Please come to visit Kyoto!



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