Monthly Nadeshiko News of November【4】

Authentic Dressing of Kimono
With ‘Darari no Obi’, both model and dresser got to be so tough!



Set a collar band before dressing a kimono. This is Ms.Mouri on the right


Next step is to dress in maiko’s kimono ‘ohikizuri’.There are nagajyuban (long kimono-like garment to be worn under kimono), hadajyuban (underskirt worn under nagajyuban) ,tabi socks…everything needed for dressing is well prepared at Daimino, so there’s no need for customers to bring a thing. But make sure to carry cosmetics with you, if you want to fix make-up in usual way.

The picture above shows a process of setting ‘daieri’(a collar band) on top of ‘akaeri’(a red collar). Daieri is hand-embroidered by craftsmen, it is said to be more than hundreds of thousands of yen per each. It weighs equally enough for the price as it almost twisted wrists when I held it!

Then ‘hishigoki’ is attached. It is a sash worn around the waist, which is also worn by brides and children at Shichi-go-san(a festival to pray for a healthy growth for children) .

Finally ‘darari no obi’comes. As mentioned earlier, I experienced maiko transformation once. At that time, I did not know the difference between a proper way and the others.

But looking back, it seems that my one was ready-made that just needed to be attached. There was no room in my heart to think what is what as I was enough overwhelmed by the weights of kimono, wig and obi belt. It is said that there are several shops with simplified ways of dressing, therefore when you say a shop for maiko transformation, you cannot just define as one.

If you’ll ever have a chance to visit a town of Kyoto, I suppose free time is quite limited. Time, completion degree or price to transform…it varies with what you want from maiko transformation, but if you give at all, I suppose you want to experience a quality that is real.

It is good to do it with efficiency, but it takes certain time for “good thing”in all ages, and that is why it is good, I think.


Obi spreading out on tatami mat is also lovely

Obi spreading out on tatami mat is also lovely


As you see, the owner of Daimino, Ms.Mouri does a sash up. There were some moments when she and her assistant strained arms to pull the obi which Ms.Honda was about to wear. I knew it for the first time that it is a labour of Harcules.

It only took 5 minutes or so, 7-meters‘darari no obi’ was completed in a twinkling. Incidentally, it is said that female masters of dressing go to each yakata to dress maiko up in Kamishichiken while there are male experts called ‘otokoshi’in different flower towns.

Why not photograph in commemoration when it is an ultra extraordinary experience? Therefore, we did a small photography event. It is not like “O.K, it’done. you’ve transformed!”

Aftercare is also wonderful at Daimino. As one would expect, shooting location is already provided in this ex-ochaya with 120 years of history. And what is more, that is not all. Properties like a traditional Japanese handball and a maisen (a dancer’s fan) are prepared as well. It was like a shooting for a special number of magazines.



I should tell you that it will be a photo gallery for Ms.Honda from now on.

I’d like you to enjoy her become one hundred times more charming by an expert for maiko transformation,Ms.Mouri.

This is a shot taken in okuzashiki room with decoration of uchiwa (round fans). Names of geiko and maiko are printed on each one, they are all from Kamishichiken.

It often comes quite unnatural when someone who is not used to be photographed smile or pose in front of a photographic lens. But Ms.Honda was free and relaxed in manner from beginning to end.



It may be because of her flexibility as a model or Ms.Mouri’s talent to thaw out atmosphere of a place. According to her, it is said that you can create a softer look of maiko by turning a face opposite to body’s direciton and so on.

Poses in front of a hanging scroll. Genuine maiko work in ozashiki with her skirt trailing like this

In front of Daimino shop, holding up the skirt on left hand…

In front of Daimino shop, holding up the skirt on left hand…

During a photo session, expression on Ms.Honda’s face became like maiko’s more and more as Ms.Mouri says like,“Great! So now, will you turn around to this direction?” She was like a film director with generosity and ductility.

“Oh, I noticed she looks a bit like a young maiko from blah blah blah…,”she praised for a successful transformation. It certainly was. It is no wonder to be introduced to her as genuine maiko.

There is optional processing service for photos. You can get it in album, CD-ROM or with mounted paper. There is one thing to be careful here…I am sorry to tell you but you are not allowed to walk around town of Kamishichiken as genuine maiko work nearby. It is free to photograph or film on the street of Daimino. Lastly, I’d like you to see Ms.Honda from the back. Here you are!


Maiko’s footwear, okobo is same as real

Maiko’s footwear, okobo is same as real



Photos:Copyright(c)2012 Geisha Japan All Rights Reserved





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