Monthly Nadeshiko News of September

Hanamachi of September


Although it is fall now by calendar, you would still feel heat in Kyoto.
Maiko’s Kanzashi of September is flowers of balloon Flower.


As you know, there are a lot of Buddhist temple and shinto shrine Buddhist temple in Kyoto, you could see balloon Flower anywhere in every precincts.
Balloon Flower is the one of familiar flower and its Kanazashi look naturally on Maiko’s hair. Also you will feel that fall is coming from them.


Maiko’s Kanazashi are changed monthly. The color of balloon Flower are mostly light pink and white and it goes very well with their Kimono.


This month, September, you could see the most beautiful moon through the year.
There are many events to see moon in every cities, and you would see Geiko and Maiko there.
Geiko and Maiko in the moon light…such a glorious site it is!  There are sublime atmosphere around.


There are many chances to see Geiko and Maiko at moon-events in Kyoto. Also you would specially enjoy sketch sessions and photo sessions at night on the day.


The weather has been so strange in this summer, so hope you will enjoy wonderful moon in Septembert…


Kyoto of this month  


上賀茂神社 レッドカーペット

6th (Sat)  Kangetsu no yube to Maiko Kansho (Seeing moon in the evening and seeing Maiko dancing)  at Myoshinji Tacchu Taizouin

6th (Sat)-8th (Mon)  Daikaku ji. Osawa ike ‘Kangetsu no Yube’   at Daikakjuji  Osawa ike  and every other places in the city

8th (Mon)  Meigetsu kangen sai at Shimogamo jinja
           Zensoku huji / hechima kaji  at Sekizan Zenin

9th (Tue) Chouyou Shinji Karasu Sumo  at Kamigamo jinja

14th (Sun)- 15th (Mon) Seiryu kai  at Kiyomizu dera

15th (Mon)  Yoshitsune sai at Kurama dera

-15th(Mon)  Arashiyama ukai  aroudn Aarashiyama togetsukyo

20th (Sat) -21th (Sun) Kyoto Okazaki Red carpet 2014  at jingumichi Okazaki park

-21th(Sun) Ujigawa ukai   around Uji park and Tou no shima

22th (Sun) Kushi Matsuri(comb festival) around Yasui konpira gu

23rd (Mon) Takasegawa Funa Matsuri(ship festival at Takase river) aorund Takasegawa Ichino Funairi

27th (Sat) Hagi matsuri  at Ryozen kannon

28th (Sun) Sencha kencha sai  at Heian jingu

-30th(Tue) Kamogawa Nouryouyuka  at Kamogawa seigan


Myako’s Recommendation of September


高瀬川舟祭 櫛

Hello this is Myako.

The weather is much confortable now in September and there are lots Fall events in Kyoto.
Kimono of Geiko and Maiko are shifing to unlined kimono from silk gauze littel by little.


●Kangetsu no yube to Maiko Kansho (Seeing moon in the evening and seeing Maiko dancing)
Please make a reservation in 3days advance. enjoy watching beautiful Japanese garden and having dinner and tea ceremony. Maiko is going to show you dance performance after.
Place: Myoshinji Tacchu Taizouin
Date and time : 6th (Sat) 6pm-8:30pm (please enter before 5:30pm)
inquiry : 075-467-1666 (hanazono kaikan)


●Kushi matsuri (comb festival)
This is the festival of memorial service for damaged or old comb. Dance of ‘Kurokami’ is going to dedicated at Konpira gu in Gion then there is a parade displaying traditional hair style of each era of Japanese history. It is going to be a very interesting to see.

Place : Yasui Konpira gu
Date and time : 22nd (Mon) 1pm-
Inquiry :  075-561-5127 (Ysui Konpira gu)
           075-561-2277 (Minami hair salon)


●Takasegawa Funa Matsuri(ship festival at Takase river)
It is going to be hold around the ichino Funairi which is the starting point of the water way of Takasegawa river.You can ride on Old style Takase ship. There is photo session of Maiko and you can enjoy tea that Maiko pour for you.

Place ; Takase gawa(river) around ichino Funairi
Date and time : 23rd (Tue) 10:30-4pm  *depends on attractions
Inquiry :075-241-38388 Kincha ryo (Takase gawa hosho kai)


You would notice the fall-design of Kimono and obi(belt).hope you would enjoy Kyoto and Hanamachi in September.

Thank you,



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