Monthly Nadeshiko News of December

Hanamchi of December

事始め 嵐山

Kanzashi of December is not flower or leaves.. but ‘Maneki’. It is name boards of actors who will perform at the ‘Kaomise’ performance.
In December,there is ‘Kaomise Souken’ will be held at the beginning of the month. Then Kabuki stage,’Kichirei Kaomise Kougyo’, will be holding for a month.

Regards ‘Maneki’, Kabuki actor’s name are written by writing brush .
At the ‘Kaomise Souken’day, Maiko go to Kabuki actors or actress Dressing room and then ask them to write their name on the ‘Maneki’.

Black ink is men’s name and Red ink is women’s.

Also there will be ‘Koto Hajime’ at middle of December.It is the event of preparing for New years.

In Japan, December has another name ‘Shiwasu’ it means ‘teachers or priests are running around'(usually teachers or priests don’t run even if they are busy but in december they run around the town busily).
So we are as busy as a bee in December.Geiko and Maiko are also running around in Hanamachi in this month!

And .. after ‘shiwasu’, there will be long holiday that they are looking forward to! Please hold on.

Thank you,

Kyoto of this month  

花灯路 京料理

beginning of the month      Lightup/ Special admissions  everywhere in Kyotocity

~26th(Fri)   Kichirei Kaomise Kougyou             Kyoto/ Shijyou Minamiza

1st(Mon)     Kenchasai (tea-offering festival)           Kitano tenmangu

7th(Sun)~8th(Mon)  Jyoudoe houyou  Daikondaki   at Senbon syakadou  (Daihouon temple)

8th(Mon)     harikuyo (needle Memorial service)  at Horin temple                  

12th(Fri)~21st(Sun) Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro 2014 aroud Saga Arashiyama

13th(Sat)      Kotohajime                   at each Hanmachi

13th(Sat)~14th(Sun)Kyo Ryouri tenji kai(Kyoto receip Exhibition tournament) at Miyako messe(Kyotoshi kangyokan)

13th~end of the month     Awarding of Oohukuume (plum)            at Kitano Tenmangu

20th(Sat)        Susuharai                 at  Nishi hongan temple Higashi honngan temple

21st(Sun)        Shimai kobo              at Touzi temple    

23rd (Tue)        Pumpkin memorial service     at Yata temple               

25th(Thu)        Shimai tenjin               at Kitanotenmangu    

31st(Wed)       Okera mairi                 At Yasaka shrine
          Jyoyano Kane                  at Chion in

Myako’s recommendation  

Hello this is Myako.
You would see many end-year events in December!

●Kenchasai(tea-offering festival)

The tea offering-festival is celebrated in front of Shinto in honor of  ‘Kitano Daichanoyu party’which were held by Hideyoshi Toyotomi at 15year of Tensho Era.
Praying for development of Tea ceremony and offer tea to Michizaneko Sugawara. There are seats not only in Kitano tenjin but also in Kaburenjo, all Geiko and Maiko from Kamishichiken are coming to this festival to serve.
Place: Kitano tenmangu
Date and time: 1st(Mon) 9am-3pm (ceremony starts at 10am-)
Inquiry: 075-461-0005 (Kitano tenmangu shamusho)


There is the tradition from old days in Hanamachi.’Kotohajime’ which is to go visiting people around to thank this year and let them know to start preparing for New year.
At Gion koubu, teachers receive kagamimochi(round rice cake )and they display them at the day, then teachers give ‘dancing fun’ to Maiko who came to thank to their place.

Place: each Hanamchi
date and time: 13rd(Satu) 10am~

●#109 Kyo Ryori tenji kai(Kyoto receip Exhibition tournament)

‘Kyo Ryori tenji kai(Kyot receip Exhibition tournament)’was started at year of 1886 by Kyoto Ryori association and it is 109th in this year.
There are Exhibition, kyo vegetable shops and bento(lunch box) from famous Japanese-style restaurant. And Maiko have dance performance as one of  kyoto traditions.

Place :Miyako Messe (kyoto shi kangyokan)
date and time: 13rd (Sat)-14t(Sun)
Charge: advance 600yen  The day 800yen
Inquiry 075-221-5833 Kyoto ryori  association jimukyoku



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