Monthly Nadeshiko News of February

Hanamachi of February

Often Cherry blossom and Autumn leaves are highlighted as Kyoto’s season attraction but Plum blossom are also very beautiful in this month and you could enjoy seeing them everywhere in Kyoto.

And you could also enjoy seeing Maiko’s Kanzashi which are various plum blossom.
These are little red&white one,soft and ivory one as photos, light red colored one and large white one…
The sizes of plum blossom are depends on Maiko’s experience. Sometimes you could see bush warbler is stopping on their Kanzashi.

The way of their dressing up is very stylish and colorful but not too loud. There are actually many things we would like to learn from.

Regards to events, there are ‘Setsubun'(Throwing Beans)festivals at beginning of the month everywhere in Kyoto.
Geiko and Maiko are actually throwing beans at Yasaka shrine and Kitano tenmangu after dedicating dances and there are also some other ‘Setsubun’events they join.

There is another main attraction at ‘Setsubun’ night which is ‘Obake'(monster)showing up. ‘Obake’ will appear in not only Hanamachi but also some restaurants in neighborhood.

Well,Maiko has little problem at Setsubun…
I will share with you that story at FB and Blog! Please looking forward to reading them.

Kyoto of this month 

節分祭 梅

1st(Sun)        Washokudo Kyoto Washoku no saiten (Japanese traditional dishes festival)  GionKobuKaburenjo Yasaka club

2nd(Mon)~3rd(Tue)  Yasaka Shrine Setsubun Festival         Yasaka shrine

3rd(Tue)             Kitano Tenmangu Setsubun Festival        Kitano Tenmangu

                     Setsubun Festivals will be holding     shrines in Kyoto

2nd(Mon)~4th(Wed)  Mibu Temple Setsubun Yakuyoke Daihoue   Mibu Temple

                      Mibu Kyogen (2nd and 3rd)         Mibu Temple

2nd(Mon)~4th(Wed)  Yoshida Shrine Setsubun Festival          Yoshida Shrine

7th(Sat)~11th(Wed) Hatsuuma Daikodaki Houyou (Buddhist memorial service)       Sanzenin

8th(Sun)             Harikuyou                               Hourin Temple
11th(Wed)            Hatsuuma Taisai                             Hushimiinari taisha

15th(Sun)           Kyoto Marathon 2015                             in kyoto city

25th(Wed)            Baika sai( plum blossom festival )           Kitanotenmangu

Myako’s recommendation  

変わり髷 梅花祭

Hello, this is Myako.

Many people are throwing beans in kyoto so that good luck is invited in and bad luck is driven out.On the Setsubun day, Geiko and Maiko wear something different than usual.It is really rear.

● Yasaka Shrine Setsubun Festival

Maiko from four Hanamchi except Kamishichiken are going to dance for dedication and then throw beans. There are many people coming to get beans Maiko threw. Please be careful not to trip because of stepping on beans.

Place Yasaka shrine
Date and Time  2nd (Mon)- 3rd (Tue)  Setsubun Festival 9am-
                                     dance dedication and thrwoing beans 2nd  1pm- Pontocho
                                                                             3pm- Miyakawacho
                                                                        3rd  1pm- GionKobu
Inquiry  075-561-6155 (Yasaka shrine shamusho)

●Kitano Tenmangu Setsubun Festival

Maiko from Kamishichiken are going to dance for dedication and then throw beans. Before that there is ‘Kitano tsuina Kyogen'(*Kyogen ..Noh comedy)by Shigeyama sengoro syachu is going to be dedicated. Compare to Yasaka,there are more Geiko in this festival.

Place  Kitanotenmangu
Date and time  3rd (Tue) 1pm-  Kyogen, dance dedication and throwing beans

Inquiry   075-461-0005 Kitanotenmangu

●Baika sai(Plum blossom festival)

All Geiko and Maiko from Kitano and Kamishichiken are going to serve at tea ceremony in the open air.Since 25th is the anniversary of Michizane Sugawara’s death, there are many people coming over. Plum garden must be beautiful around this time,please come to visit.

place  Kitanotenmangu
Date and Time 25th (Wed)
Charge  Tea ceremony  1500yen
Inquiry  075-461-0005(Kitano temangu)

Hope all you will have good luck!
Please enjoy visiting Hanamachi, thank you.



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