Monthly Nadeshiko News of November

Hanamchi of November

Maiko’s Kanzashi of this month is Autumn-Leaves instead of flower.
There are full of beautiful autumn leaves in Kyoto which are changing their color every single day.
So Maiko also put them on their hair.

Regarding their outfit, it is shifting to winter version little by little.
Kimono and contact undershirt has got lining and ‘Darari no obi’change to woven obi.Whole weight is much heavier.
Although it is enjoyable to look their outfit which are changing gradually,it is tough for Maiko who actually wear them all and get extra weight.

November is the best sightseeing season in Kyoto since gorgeous Autumn leaves so there are full of people in ever hanamachi.
Now Geiko and Maiko face to the problem..there are traffic jams everywhere! When they go to Ozashiki,normally it only takes 20min however in this season it sometimes takes more than 2hours to get to Ozashiki.
Well it is hard for them to enjoy seeing Autumn leaves and relax…

Kyoto of this month  

京都御所 秋

1st(Sat)~10th(Mon)  Gion Odori(dancing)    《Gion Kaikan》

3rd(Mon)              Kyokusui no En   《Jyonangu Rakusui en》

            Kimono de tsudou Enyu Kai   《Kamigamo Shrine》

~5th(Wed)      Kyoto Gosho Fall general public《Kyoto gosho》

7th(Fri)~9th(Sun)   Miyako lighting’14  《Kamishichiken 》

8th(Sat)              Kanikakuni sai(Festival) 《Gion shirakawa》

15th(Sat)       Ryoma Sai    《Kyotoryouzen gokoku Shrine》

15th(Sat)~      Odoi Momiji en  《Kitanotenmangu》

22nd(Sat)~      Kitayama Xmas Illuminations 《kitayama dori》

23rd(Wed)       Gion Kouta sai   《Enyama park》

                 Fude Kuyo(Brush memorialservice)《Shokakuan(Tohuku shrine)》
24th(Mon)       Kenka sai      《Heian Shinto shrine》

25th (Tue)       Minamiza Manekiage 《Minamiza》

30th(Sun)~      Kichirei Kaomise Kougyo  《Minamiza》

Anywhere in Kyoto/ * Autumn Special Showcase Light-up
                  * Many Autumn color events

Myako’s recommendation  

かにかくに 祇園小唄祭

Hello this is Myako,
Finally Autumn last showcase,Gion Odori, will be held by Ghion Higashi.
and you will have many Geiko and Maiko events this month!

●Gion Odori
Dance show case by Geiko and Maiko of Gion Higashi, Fujima style.
Place :Gion Kaikan
Date: 1st(Sat)-10th(Mon) 1:30pm/4pm
Price: Seat with tea 4500yen  Just Seat 4000yen Just tea 500yen
Inquiry: 075-561-0224 Gion Kabukai

●Kimono de tsudou EnyuKai(Garden party with wearing Kimono)
‘Mind of hospitality and communication’ is the purpose of the garden party.
Free charge,everyone could come and join.If you wear Kimono, there will be great benefit.
Geiko from Kamishichiken are going to have tea ceremony and dance show.

Place: Kamigao shrine
Date and Time: 3rd (Mon,holiday) 11:30-3:30pm  Tea ceremony (anytime)/ Dance show (1pm-)
Inquiry :(075)432-0191 Nishijin-orimonosanchi-tonya-kyoudoukumiai

●Kanikakuni sai(Festival) 
Isamu Yoshii who are Waka poet in Meiji era and famous for big fan of Gion,Kyoto.
Geiko and Maiko of Gion kobu will be offering flowers to monument inscribed with a tanka poem.

Place : Gion Shirakawa
Date and Time :8th (Sat)
Inquiry : (075)561-1115 GionKobu Kumiai

●Gion Koutasai

‘Gion Kouta(Song)’ is the representative song of Geiko and Maiko in Kyoto,Hanamachi.
Maiko will read the lyrics aloud and offer flowers. There are no so many chances to hear voice of Maiko,do not miss the opportunity.

Place :Maruyama Park
Date and time: 23rd (Wed holiday) 11am-
Inquiry :(075)561-3901 Ookini zaidan

Geiko/Maiko and autumn leaves are best much!
Please enjoy this month of Kyoto.



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