Monthly Nadeshiko News of March

Hanamachi of March 
You could enjoy watching plum blossom in the beginning of March in Kyoto and also might see cherry blossom in the end of march.

Maiko’s Kanzashi of March are pretty yellow ‘rape blossom’, mature looking flower ‘daffodil’,and  symbol of Hinamatsuri’peach blossoms’.
(*Hinamatsuri…Doll’s festival  celebrate day for young girls which is March 3rd.)

Generally Hinamatsuri dolls are put away right after 3rd of March however, in Hanamachi people decolate Hina doll around 3rd of March and put away at Hinamatsuri of Old calendar.

According to another view,Hina dolls are displayed when there are full of various flower so that Hina doll could enjoy watching.

Well, since there are many Hinamatsuri event in Kyoto, you might have some opportunities to see Geiko and Maiko somewhere in town.

And also March is the month of ‘Shikomi san’ debut.They have left their hometown and started living at Okiya in Hamanachi.

Kyoto of this month 


3th(Tue)              Hiina matsuri(Fes)            at Ichihime shrine  
              Nagashibina                      at Shimogamo shrine                

              Touka jinji                   at Kamigamo Shrine
                         many related events in Kyoto city  

6th(Fri)~15th(Sun)   Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2015  around Higashiyama 

6th(Fri)~15th(Sun)  Shorenin  Night special visit  at Shorenin
            Kiyomizu temple Night special visit at Kiyomizu Temple

10th(Tue)              Hozugawa kudari Opening celemonny Hozugawa
            Geinou jotatsu Kigansai  Horin temple

14th(Sat)~15th(Sun)  Seiryue Kiyonizu temple               

20th(Fri)~            Nijojo (nijo castle) light up illumination    Nijojo

22th(Sun)        Senbon shaka nembutsu            at Senbon shaka dou

25th(Wed)~       Kitano Odori (dance performance)  at Kamishichiken Kaburenjo      

27th(Fri)~    Gion Shirakawa Yoizakura light up     around Gion shirakawa

29th(Sun)        Hanezu Odori(dancing)           Zuishinin         

Mid to late March    Special night events   Cherry blossoms illumination at night
         Special open- public in Spring     Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine in Kyoto city

Myako’s recommendation  


Hello, this is Myako.

●Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2015

There are 2500lanterns around at Higashiyama where you could satisfied Kyoto. Many shrines and temples near Higashiyama will special public open and light up illumination.

Place  around Higashiyama
Date  6th (Fri) -15th(Sun)  light up time 6pm-9:30pm

Maiko from all five Hanamachi are going to have dance show performance at HigashiyamaHanatouro It is going to be held at Yasaka as usual but they dance at the Noh stage. This year will be bit different.

Place  Yasaka shrine Noh Stage

Date  7th (Sat) Maiko from Gion kobu
     8th (Sun) Miyakawacho
     13th (Fri) Pontocho
      14th (Sat) Kamishichiken
      15th (Sun) Gion Higashi
  3stage 6:30pm/7pm/7:30pm  
Inquiry   075-212-8173 (Kyoto Hanatouro suishin kyogikai jimukyoku)

●Kitano Odori (Kitano dance performance)

Geiko and Maiko from Kamishichiken has Spring Dance Performance. They have been practicing so hard. Kaburenjo of Kamishichiken were renovated a couple years ago, so everything are new please enjoy.

Place  Kamishichiken kaburenjo

Date  25th (Wed) -7th April (Tue)

Charge  With tea 4800yen Without tea 4300yen

Inquiry  075-461-0148(Kamishichiken kabukai)

●Kyoto Gion shirakawa Light up

It is one of major night light up cherry blossom event around at Gion shirakawa and tatsumibashi.Also there will be photo session of Maiko under cherry blossom.
It used to be just only one time session but from this year it will be twice.

Place  around Gion shirakawa tatsumibashi

Date  27th (Fri) ~5th April (Sun)   light up 6pm-10pm

Photo session of Maiko

Place  Gion shirakawa tatsumibashi

Date  31th (Tue)  3:30pm-5pm

Inquiry (Gion shirakawa light up assosiation)

Please come to visit Kyoto.
Thank you.



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