Monthly Nadeshiko News of January

Hanamachi of January

Happy New Year!

January Kanzashi of Maiko are full with happy atmosphere. These are cranes and shochikubai(pine, bamboo and plum trees)which is Japanese lucky symbol.
There is one more January special Kanzashi which is the ear of rice. Not only Maiko but also Geiko put the ear of rice Kanzashi till 15th January .
The rice Kanzashi are swinging whenever they walk and it look so fresh and it is perfect looking for new year.
And there is romantic story behind, I will tell you that FB or Blog someday soon!

Kyoto of this month 

かるたはじめ 通し矢

~3        Hatsumoude         《at any shrine and temple》

3(Sat)      Karuta hajime shiki     《Yasaka Shrine》

4(Sun)      Kemari Hajime      《Shimogao Shrine》

7(Wed)      Yotsu Hanamachi Shigyoshiki (Four Hanamachi Opening celemony)*《 Gion Kobu,Gion higashi, Pontocho, Miyagawacho》

          Nana Kusa Gayu Hurumai (Having seven herb rice porridge)   《Gokou nomiya Shrine》

8(Thu)~12th(Mon) Touka Ebisu Taisai*  《Kyoto Ebisu Shrine》

9(Fri)      Kami shichiken shigyoshiki (opening celemony) 《Kamishichiken》

10(Sat)~    Hikoukai Bunkazai Tokubetsu Koukai (special openings of private cultural property) 《every shrine in the city》 
13(Tu)     Inoue ryu(style) Hatsuyori     《at place of Yachiyo Inoue》

15(Thu)     Toshiya        《Sanju sangendo》

21(Tu)     Hatsukobo        《Higashi temple》

25(Sat)     Hatsutenjin        《Kitano tenmangu》

Myako’s recommendation

えびす神社 挨拶まわり

Hello this is Myako.

Geiko and Maiko are having many opportunities to wear black crested around new year.And there will be commendation of ‘Urihana Award’ at Opening ceremony at every Hanamchi.

●Opening ceremonies

Please inquire every Hanamachi for starting time. Each has different schedule.
Geiko and Maiko with black crested and Kanzashi of the ear of rice go visiting for new year greeting.
Recently police are patrolling around, please keep your manner..

Place : around Kaburenjo of every Hanamachi
Date : 7th(Wed)Gion Kobu・Gion higashi・Pontocho・Miyagawacho

●Touka Ebisu Taisai (big Festival)

Ebisu is one of the 7 gods of happiness and famous for business success. Many people came here to pray their prosperous business.
There are awards of Good fortune bamboo grass, and Geiko and Maiko help to award sometime in middle.Please contact for detailed information.


Place : Kyoto Ebisu Shrine
Date : 8th(Tue)~12th(Mon)
Inquiry: 075⁻525-0005 (Kyoto Ebisu Shrine Office)

●Inoue ryu(style) Hatsuyori

The first day of practicing, not only Geiko and Maiko but also all pupils come to teacher’s place to do new-year-greeting and have new year dish.
Only Geiko and Maiko who have ‘first-dancing’ come to teacher’s place earlier than others.

Place : Place of Yachiyo Inoue
Datre : 13th(Sund)



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