Monthly Nadeshiko News of November【2】

Maiko Transformation
~at prestigious ex-ochaya with the 120 years of History~ 




Desire to transform-isn’t it something so instinctive that anybody have if they were born as women? In a manner of speaking, usual fashion or make-up can be said as one of legitimate transformations.

Even if it is for work, they decorate themselves by adding some colors and shapes, and still more, if they are about to go on a date or a party, they do all they can in front of a mirror to ‘look better.’

Although it is none the better for the change, they exert all their powers and worry until things turns out all right. There is nothing shameful about that, I think it is, if anything, a natural state of mind as women.

No matter if they are at the age of 20,30,40…60 or even 80, as long as they are them, all they wish is to be always beautiful and because there is this feeling inside the hearts, they can keep on being women. Today I’d like to introduce a wonderful place, for all women, where you can transform that is a little different from the usual.


Real kimono,make-up and accessories… 
The thorough care over the particulars for “maiko’s fashion”

If you follow the road straight, looking Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine on your left, there will be Tenjindo at the corner. The long-established store is famous for its Japanese-style confectionery, yakimochi.

When you turn right the corner, the stone path stretched out. This is a graceful street lined up with tea houses of Kamishichiken. In a middle of the street, there is a long narrow path on the right, go it through to the end and you’ll see the shop for maiko transformation, ‘Daimino’.


On the roof, ‘Shoki san’ (the god of talismanic) is enshrined (upper right)


When I passed through noren (a shop curtain) at the entrance, it swung gently in an autumn breeze. “Please come in,”and Ms. Mouri welcomed. If you look up at a space located nearest the entrance, there is a stairwell on the ceiling, lights shine through a skylight cheerfully.

The width is narrow and the depth is so deep. “How long is it and where will it ends?”you might be so surprised to see the real structure of machiyas (traditional townhouse). As they are often called “a bed for eel”, Daimino was just the very thing.

This shop was originally ochaya. Although the business has prospered from the Meiji period to the beginning of the Heisei period, they decided to close it once after the second proprietress’s death 8 years ago. Time passes by and it was September in 2011. The prestigious building with 120 years history is kept in a same way as it was and they opened a shop again as a place for maiko transformation.




  In a waiting room, ornaments of genuine geiko and maiko are displayed.


Ms.Mouri says,“Since it was ochaya in the past, we have various stuffs given, to put it shortly, there are kimonos worn by the real maiko. We also dress customers in a same way for maiko. For ’darari no obi’, we never use the one which is just ready to attach, we dress it up from the beginning.”


‘Ohikizuri’-maiko’s kimono

‘Ohikizuri’-maiko’s kimono with trailing hem. Too adorable to chose one!

At Daimino, you can also transform into geiko and here again, every kimono used for transformation is those geiko wore in a real life. I got really excited to hear that make-up will be done with the products used by genuine maiko.

Though, the one to transform is a model and obviously I am not! You may wonder the reason for excitement. Well, I was given a photo of her in advance. She was just so naturally charming and I thought,“How beautiful will it be when she transform then?”My heart bubbled with expectation.

Photos:Copyright(c)2012 Geisha Japan All Rights Reserved



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