Monthly Nadeshiko News of October

Hanamachi of October 

Chrysanthemum is the October flower of Maiko’s Kanzashi.
There are many kinds of Chrysanthemum, so you could enjoy watching many different chrysanthemum on Maiko’s hair.
They are really symbol of autumn in Kyoto.
Actually chrysanthemum is the flower that has different kinds most.

Geiko and Maiko put ‘Someobi’ during only the period of autumn.
‘Someobi’ is belt of dyed fabrics and it is one of traditional craft in Kyoto,
They wear so many beautiful different patterns Kimono in autumn.

There are Dance performance show at each four Hanamachi so there are many sight seeing people and amateur photographers.
I would understand that you would like to take beautiful Geiko and Maiko as many as you could but please observe the manners and enjoy watching safely

Kyoto of October  
ずいき祭-2 ずいき祭-1

1st(Wed)~5th(Sun)   Zuiki matsuri (the stem of Taro Festival)     《 around Kitano tenmangu》

1st(Wed)~6th(Mon)   Onshukai《Gion kobu》   《Gion kobu kaburenjo》

5th(Sun)        Ujicha matsuri(Uji tea festival) 《JR Uji・around keihan Uji station》

8th(Wed)~12th(Sun)  Kotobuki kai 《Kamishichiken》      《Kamishichiken kaburenjo》

9th (Th) ~12th (Sun)     Mizue kai《Miyagawa cho》     《Miyagawacyo kaburenjo》

11th(Sat) ~13(Mon・Holiday)    Mibukyogen                    《Mibudera》

22nd(Wed)                Jidai Matsuri (festival)       《Kyotogyoen・Heian jingu》

             Kurama no himatsuri (Kurama fire festival)      《Kurama Yuki jinja》

24th(Th) ~27th (Sun)     Suimei kai 《Ponto cho》     《Ponto cho kaburenjo》

24th(Fri)~              Oharame matsuri (Festival)        《around Ohara》

Mid ~        Special admission of autumn・Special publication   《every Shrine Temple in Kyoto》

October Recommendation from Mayko 
時代祭 温習会

Hello this is Myako
There are many dance performances and festival in October.

●Zuiki matsuri (the stem of Taro festival)

Since there is famous Kyoto-dish ‘boiled Taro’, Taro is so familiar in Kyoto area.
A portable shrine built on a festival day which are decorated with a stem of Taro and some other vegetable and fruits are held around Kitano tenmangu to pray for the productiveness of grain of the year.
Geiko and Maiko would wait them coming back at Ochaya of Kamishichiken at Kanko sai

Place  around kitano tenmangu
Date and time   1st(Wed) to 5th (Sun)
              Kanko sai @4th 1pm start
Inquiry  075-461-0005(kitano tenmangu office)


Dance performance by Geiko and Maiko of Gionkobu, Kyomai inoue style.

Place : Gion Kobu Kaburenjo
Date and time: 1st (wed) – 6th (Mon)  4pm-
Charge : 8000yen (reserved seat) 4000yen (not reserved)
Inquiry : 075-561-1115(Gion kobu kabukai)

●Kotobuki Kai

Dance performance by Geiko and Maiko of Kamishichiken,Hanayagi style.

Place: Kamishichiken kaburenjo
date and time : 8th (Wed)- 12th (Sun) 4pm-
                only 11th (Sat) (1pm- and 4pm-)
Charge   : 8000yen(reserved seat)
Inquiry     : 075-461-0148 (Kamishichiken kabukai)

●Mizue kai

Dance performance by Geiko and Maiko of Miyagawa cho, Wakayagi style.

Place : Miyagacho kaburenjo
Date and time : 9th (Thu)-12th(Sun)  4pm-
               11th (sat) and 12th (Sun) has two stages (1pm- and 4pm-)
Charge : frist seat (all are reserved) 8000yen
         second seat (2nd floor all reserved) 4000yen
         second seat with students discount (2nd floor all reserved) 2000yen
Inquiry  :075-561-1151 (Miyagawacho kabukai)

●Suimei kai

Dence performance by Geiko and Maiko of Pontocho, Onoe style.

Place :Pontocho kaburenjo
Date and time :16th(thu) -19(Sun) 4pm-
Charge : 8000yen , 7000yen (reserved seats)
         3000yen (not reserved )
Inquiry : 075-221-2025 (Pontocho kaburenjo)

●Jidai matsuri

One of three-big-festival of Kyoto.
More than 2000people are walking with wearing costumes of each time by the Meiji Restoration from the Heian era.
Geiko and Maiko for all five hanamachi join to walk.

Place :From Kyoto gyoen to Heianjingu
Date and time : 22nd ( We) 12pm-
Inquiry : 075-752-0227 Kyoto kanko kyokai

Many exciting events you cannot miss in October!
Please visit and enjoy!

Thank you.



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