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Hanamachi of June

Gion Matsuri has been started finally. It means that very busy and tough month has been started for Geiko and Maiko since they has ordinary Ozashiki and Gion Matsuri work.

Maiko put little fan for their Kanzashi and that looks perfect for summer.However the time between Gion matsuri hokodate to Hanagasa junko is excepted.
Junior Maiko’s Kanzashi become much more gorgeous and Senior Maiko put very sepcial hair style ‘Katsuyama’ only in that period.

The photo of Maiko was taken at ‘Yoimiya shinzi hounou’ and  that Kanzashi is very special one for Gion matsuri.
Also Kimono pattern is fireworks and very summerish. Sometimes you could see very special only for a few days Gion matsuri outfit, if you are lucky.

In July, you could see many Geiko and Maiko with Yukata.

Gion Maturi is also called ‘Full month festival’ and there are many regulation in this month.
Please enjoy this month Kyoto!

Kyoto of this month 
宵宮 蓮

1st(Wed)~31st(Fri) Gion Matsuri          Yasaka Shrine around Hokomachi

1st(Wed)             Kamomi toshironou  ‘Takiginou’」   Kamigamo shrine

1st(Wed)~           tanabata Sasa Kazari ornaments nigt illumination     Kifune Shrine

                     Arashiyama  Ukai             arashiyama  around togetukyou                   

           Beer garden of Kamishichiken kabukai       Kamishichiken kaburenjo

1st(Wed)~7th(Tue) Aisya( my car ) no chinowa kuguri  Jonangu    

Begining Weekday     Miyabi kai Osendo       Yasaka Shrine

7th(Tue)             Mitarashi Matsuri/ Tanabata Matsuri     Kitano Tenmangu

                      Kbune No Mizumatsuri     Kbune temple   

10th(Fri)            Hasu shu wo tanoshimu Kai (Let’s enjoy having a glass of Lotus liquor)     Mimurodoji (temple)

15th(Wed)            Gionmatsuri zensai  Yoiyoi mountain      Yasaka Shrine around Hokomachi

           Gion matsuri yoinomiya shinnkouhounou eve  around Ysaka Shrine Stone pavement

16th(Thu)            Gion Matsuri Eve Yoiyama     Yasaka Shrine  Hokomachi

           Yomimiya shinkou hounou      Yasaka shrine stone pavement

16th(Thu)~     Summer festival Beer Garden at Miyagawacho  Miyagawa cho
17Th(Fri)            Gion Matsuri Eve  Yamahoko Junko        Shijo street Kawaracho Street Oike Street

19Th(SUn)            Ondamatsuri           Matsuo Taisha

19th(SUn)~20th(Mon) Yoimiya sai / Motomiya sai       Fushimiinari taisha

19th(Sun)~26th(SUn)Mitarashi matsuri         shimogamo shrine

24th(Fri)       Gion matsuri hanagasa junko        Ysaka shrine Kyoto city hall

                      Gion matsuri atomatsuri Yamahoko junko    Oike street Kawaramachi street Shijo street

25th(Sat)       Shishigadani Kabocha(squash) Memorial service     Annraku temple

31st(Fri)            Ekizinnjya Natsugoshisai      Yasaka shrine
31st(Fri)~1st(Sat) Sennichi mairi          Atago shrine

Miyako’s Recommendation
山鉾 奉納舞

There are many recommendation this month.
Please come to visit to Kyoto if you could have any chance.
I will inform the detailed at our Maikoclub FB.

●Kamishichiken Beer Garden
Annual beer garden event. Geiko and Maiko wear Yukata and come to serve customers.

Place  Kamishichiken Kaburenjo
Date and Time   1st (Tue) – 5th September    5:30pm- 10pm (closed on 14th/15th/16th on October)
Inquiry  Kamishichiken Ochaya Kyodo Kumiai  075-461-0148 

●Miyabi Kai
Geiko and Maiko of Kyomai(dance) Inoue Style from Gion Kobu receive a prayer of ‘Be healthy’ and ‘improve dancing skill’ at Yasaka shrine. And Geiko and Maiko pray 1000times.

Place Yasaka shrine
Date and Times  Beginning of July

●Beer Counter Gion matsuri yoinomiya sinnsin hounou Eve.

Geiko and Maiko of Gion Kobu serve at Beer counter only one day.

Place Gion Stone pavement
Date and Time  15th Wed 7pm -10pm
Inquiry   Gion shotengai shinko kumiai 075-531-2288

●Summer festival Geer garden at Miyagawacho

It came back from last year. Since this was so popular, it will be extended  from this year.You could see Kyo dancing stage as well.

Place Next to Miyagawacho Kaburenjo
Date and Time  15 th (Wed) to 15th August 6pm-7:30pm  / 8pm-9:30pm
Inquiry  Miyagawacho Ochakai association 075-561-1151

●Gion Masuri Yoinomiya shinshin hounou  Mai(dancing)

Place around Gion Ston pavement
Date and Time 16th (Thu)6pm-  (kyo Dancing Gion koubu Kabukai 7pm-)

●Hanagasa Junko

Four Hanamachi totally (except Kamishichiken) join to Junko and every other two hanamachi show dancing after junko. They wear same kimono anuualy.
Place on the way of Hanagasa junko
Date and time 24th (Fri) am-

Gion Matsuri 2015

☆Following are the event menus of Gion Matsuri, As you could see there are full of events.

1日(水)~5日(日)   吉符入                各山鉾町

2日(木)              くじ取り式            京都市役所

7日(火)              綾傘鉾稚児社参        八坂神社

10日(金)             お迎え提灯            八坂神社→→四条通→八坂神社

                       神輿洗             八坂神社→四条大橋→八坂神社

10日(金)~14日(火) 前祭  鉾建て/山建て   各鉾町

12日(日)~14日(火) 前祭  鉾曳初め        各鉾町

13日(月)             稚児社参              八坂神社

13日(月)             久世駒形稚児社参      八坂神社

15日(水)             前祭 宵々山           八坂神社・鉾町

                       伝統芸能奉納          八坂神社

16日(木)             前祭 宵山             八坂神社,鉾町

                       献茶祭                八坂神社
                       日和神楽        鉾町→四条御旅所→鉾町

17日(金)             前祭 山鉾巡行     四条通 河原町通 御池通

                       神幸祭 神輿渡御    八坂神社→石段下→四条御旅所

18日(土)~21日(火) 後祭鉾建て            各鉾町

23日(木)             煎茶献茶祭       八坂神社

24日(金)             花傘巡行              八坂神社-河原町御池ー八坂神社

            還幸祭                四条御旅所-八坂神社

                       後祭 山鉾巡行         御池通 河原町通 四条通

25日(土)             狂言奉納              八坂神社

28日(火)       神輿洗                八坂神社
29日(水)       神事済奉告祭          八坂神社

31日(金)       疫神社夏越祭          八坂神社


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