Monthly Nadeshiko News of August【3】

Another Hassaku in Miyagawa-cho

You’ll find another flower town of Kyoto, Miyagawa-cho after walking down from Gion-Kobu for about ten minutes or so.

In this town, maiko and geiko wear undecorated but colored kimono in silk on Hassaku day.Pearl beige,green tea,horizon blue,nail pink,bell-flower color…

Their presence in vivid colored kimonos really adds to the gaiety to quiet townscape. One after another, they travel around the town lined with beautiful tea houses like butterflies.


Many people gathered to catch a glimpse of them and followed them. Even in a short period of time that each of them opens and closes parasols, many kept releasing a shutter as if they insist not to miss the least moment of elegance.


Although it was in a morning, temperature went nearly 30℃. Under such an intense heat, they paraded in a perfect look with perpetual smile.

The state of them was just like “walking art”. The Hassaku is a perfect time to meet maiko and geiko at close. Why don’t you come and visit Kyoto on the 1st day of August next year?


Geiko, Kimika san(middle) and Kimiha san(right)


This is almost a miracle to keep a cool face like her under the blazing sun.

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