Monthly Nadeshiko News of April

Hanamachi of April

Cherry blossom become full bloom in this month and Maiko has Cherry blossom on their Kanzashi as well.
In hanamachi,cherry blossom season means ‘Odori(dance performance)’period.
You could see many Geiko, Maiko and Shikomi-san who walk from Okiya to Kaburenjo, back and forth under cherry blossom trees.

Shikomi-san carry big and heavy bags and walk after their senior…could you guess what they think of?
They rehearse what they have to do at Gakuya in their mind.

Well there are another attractions in this month.
Normally Geiko put wig on their head but only in Odori(dance performance)program of Gion Kobu, you could see Geiko use their own hair to put up the hair style.

Another one is the pattern of Kimono. As cherry blossom fall,Gieko and Maiko changed Kimono with wisteria pattern. And Maiko put wisteria to their Kanzashi as well.

I am sure that many Tourist and amateur photographers want to take photos as many as they would like and do not want to miss any Photography chances.
However every hanamachi are overflowing with people in this period…. so please pay attention to around and be careful…
Off course cars and bikes are driving on the road even though it looks like pedestrian precinct!

Kyoto of this month 

撮影会 都をどり

till 12th         Night cherry blossom light up illumination     in Kyoto city
till the first week of May       Special open to the public in Spring    in Kyoto city

~7th(Tue)          Kitano Odori       Kamishichiken kaburenjo

~5th(Sun)          Gion shirakawa night cherry blossom light up illumination     aournd Gion shirakawa and Tatsumi shrine

1st(Wed)~30th(Thu)  Miyako Odori       Gion kobu kaburenjo

3rd(Fri)~7th(Tue)   Kyoto gosho  Special open to the public in Spring    Kyoto gosho

4th(Sat)~5th(Sun)    The eleventh Kyoto Yosakoi  around Kyoto ward office    

4th(Sat)~19th(Sun)  Kyo Odori       Miyagawacho kaburenjo

9th(Thu)~12th(Sun)  Benishidare concert 2015   Heian jingu    

12th(Sun)        A memorial flower service fro Yoshino Tyuu     Josho temple

12th(Sun)        Houtaikou hanami gyoretsu             Daigo temple

12th(Sun)              Yasurai festival      Imamiya shrine

16th(Thu)       Heian-jingu Shrine dedication dance       Heian Jingu shrine

25th(Sat)~      Oharame festival         Ooharano sato

29th(Wed)              Kyokusui no utage                      Jyonan gu
29th(Wed)~            Mibu kyogen                       Mibu temple

Myako’s recommendation  

藤 奉納舞

●Gion Shirakawa Night cherry blossom light up illumination

Place  around Gion shirakawa Tatsumihashi

Date and time    till 5th (sun)   light up 6pm- 10pm

【Photo session of Maiko】
Place  around Gion shirakawa, tatsumihashi
Date and time   4th (Sat) 3pm-5pm

●Kitano Odori(dance performance)

It is untill the first week of April,Please hurry!

Place  Kamishichiken kaburenjo
Date and time   Till 7th (Tue)    1:30pm- / 4pm-
charge   with tea 4800yen  without tea 4300yen
Inquiry  075-461-0148 Kamishichiken kaburenjo

●Miyako Odori

This is the Spring Odori by Gion Kobu of Kyo Mai Inoue style.
It is going to be hold for one month and 4stages per day. Geiko and Maiko are trying hard.

Place Gikon kobu Kaburenjo
Date and time  1st(Wed) – 30th (Thu)
               12:30pm-/ 2pm- / 3:30pm- / 4:30pm-
Charge  4800yen (Special seats with tea)
        4200yen (The first class ticket)
        2500yen (The second class ticket)

Inquiry 075-541‐3391

●Kyo Odori

This is the Spring Dance by Miyagawacho of Wakayagi style.
The stage is gorgeous and brilliant,it entertain us very much.

Place  Miyagawacho kaburenjo
Date and time  4th (Sat)- 19th (Sun)
               12:30pm- / 2:30pm- / 4:30pm-

Charges   4800yen The first class ticket with tea
          4200yen The first class ticket
          2800yen The second class ticket with tea
          2200yen The second class ticket
Inquiry  075-561-1151

● Heian-jingu Shrine dedication dance 

Heian-jingu Shrine dedication dance will been held one day before the festival of Heian jingu.
Maiko will do dedication dance in front of Heianjingu.
Regulation for the photography becomes severe year by year.

Date and time 16th (Thu)
              From afternoon

inquiry  075-761-0221

Kyoto,hanamachi is full of cherry blossom in this month..
Please come to visit.

Thank you.



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